Interior Features of Custom Campervans

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Here at Danbury Campervans we pride ourselves in our interior
features on offer. We have various packs and additional interior options
available to help you start your adventure.

Volkswagen Campervan Interiors

Below is a list of features from a T6 Volkswagen Campervan Danbury Active
as an example of additional interior features for Volkswagen campervans
which are possible, features may vary dependent on the package chosen
and the model of campervan you choose to go for:

  • Raising roof bed that sleeps 2 adults
  • Roof bed lights
  • VW satellite navigation
  • 2 additional key fobs
  • Adaptive cruise control

Many more features are available both externally and internally for the Danbury Active model.

Danbury Active interior

Fiat Campervan Interiors

The Fiat Avenir allows for so many additional interior features to be possible. Packs for the Danbury Avenir 60BK for example include the ‘TV Sat Pack’ which includes a 20 inch TV and satellite installation. Some of the interior features for the 60BLK model as an example include:

  • Gloss finish on upper cupboard doors
  • Slatted shower floor
  • Rear window on the left- hand and right-hand side

Ford Campervan Interiors

The Ford Fun and Go! offers many exciting interior features these can include for the Danbury Fun! as an example:

  • A portable chemical toilet
  • A raising roof bar system
  • Rear headrests
  • Bluetooth rear audio
  • A raising roof bed suitable for 2 adults

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