A Danbury campervan provides a sense of freedom, adventure, and convenience. And while our campers make for the perfect vehicle to go away on holiday in, they are not just for camping! Our customers often tell us how they utilise their vans for everything from doing the big weekly shop, to using it as their home office.

Here are just some of the ways that you can use your camper to create memorable experiences…

1. Dine out in style

Mix up your mealtimes by cooking in your Danbury campervan. Drive to a local beauty spot, russell up a spag bol on the double hob and dine outdoors. Or fill up the fridge with picnic food and have a lovely lunch out.

2. Explore nature and the outdoors

Campervans provide a great opportunity to connect with nature and engage in outdoor activities. Park up near hiking trails, lakes, beaches, or mountains, and indulge in activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking, or simply enjoying the scenic beauty of your surroundings. As you can see from this beautifully shot video on our YouTube channel, an everyday activity like walking the dog can be turned into a memorable trip out in a Danbury campervan.

3. Spectating in comfort

Attending sporting events – particularly in winter – can be cold, windy and unpredictable. Our campers provide a welcoming and sheltered space for the family, ensuring they stay cosy, dry and warm when the weather turns. And with your well-equipped kitchenette, you’re able to keep energised throughout the day with warm meals, snacks and hot drinks.

4. The perfect mobile office

A Danbury campervan makes a very effective home office. Swivel one of the front seats round and sit at the table while you work through your emails. If you have a solar panel you can stay connected for longer whilst enjoying your many adventures.

5. A stunning spare room

Parked outside your house, you can use your Danbury campervan for when you have guests come to stay. Also handy if you don’t want them to actually stay in your house!

6. Take your star gazing to the next level

Drive out to the countryside where there’s not so much light pollution to maximise how much you can see. Open up your pop top roof, unzip the canopy, and lie back on a comfy duvet and cushions and gaze at the night sky above you.

7. Impress on the school run

Many of our customers use their vans as their daily drive. A Danbury campervan will fit all your kids’ kit in easily with all its storage options, and it will impress their friends when it turns up at the school gates.

Time to start making your own memories?

We are now taking orders for the final T6.1 vans – so please get in touch if you’d like to find out more. For all campervan sale enquires, as well as information on upcoming stock availability, please call us on 01278 497 707.