Danbury new vehicles Choice Surf SE and Raven 2

Latest Danbury Campervans

We are excited to introduce these new Danbury vehicles recently showcased at the NEC Birmingham Caravan and Motorhome show October 2019.

Danbury Raven Campervan conversion
Danbury Raven

The new Danbury Raven campervan conversion is now available to order

The new Danbury Raven, is designed to tackle any family adventure, from the big shop to an unforgettable holiday.

Featuring a unique sliding rear seat system, revealing extra storage space, plus bespoke leather upholstery, sporty alloy wheels, stylish black side bars and a unique detailed finish, it’s built for any occasion.

£49,995 OTR

Also available with Orange or Sky Blue detailing

The new Danbury Choice
Danbury Choice

The new Danbury Choice campervan conversion is now available to order

Introducing the latest concept in industry-leading, quality campervans from Danbury, we give you - The CHOICE

With the new Danbury ‘Choice’ range, you can create your dream campervan that will be as individual as you are.

  • a CHOICE of 3 alloy wheel options
  • a CHOICE of 3 floorings
  • a CHOICE of 3 wood finishes
  • a CHOICE of 3 leather upholsteries
  • a CHOICE of 3 roof colours
  • a CHOICE of 3 roof canvas colours

From £56,495 OTR

Also available in Active and Royale

The new Danbury Surf SE
Danbury Surf SE

The new Danbury Surf SE campervan conversion is now available to order

With swivelling driver and passenger front seats plus technically advanced refinements, the Danbury ‘Surf SE’ is designed for the modern family.

It’s unique, space-enhancing, elevated rib bed provides a large rear boot for loads of storage, plus plenty of ports and points for mobile devices to keep everyone happy.

From £57,995 OTR

Contact us to ask about any of these vehicles

The Danbury Raven, Danbury Choice and Danbury Surf SE are brand new to the Danbury family and will make the way onto our website soon. If you are interested in any of these vehicles do not hesitate to get in touch and contact one of the sales team members on the form here or call our showroom to arrange a demo, request brochures or even arrange a 'TRY BEFORE YOU BUY'. We look forward to hearing from you.

phone: 01454 310 000

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