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5 Facts About VW Campers

Here at Danbury Campervans we are passionate about campervan conversions. We have gathered some facts about the original VW campers for you to enjoy and inspire your choice in Volkswagen camper.

  1. The original Volkswagen type 2 was known as the T2 but now is known as the T1. The first generation ran between 1950 - 1967. [1]
  2. The T2 earned many nicknames and it was originally meant to be called the Bully. The name didn’t move forward but the nickname did. It was known in Germany as the Bulli, VW-Bus and Hippie-van. [1]
  3. American enthusiasts identify the early campers by the number of windows they have. E.g. the ’11-window’ and ‘23-window’. [1]
  4. In 2001 a Volkswagen microbus concept was invented to celebrate the New Beetle nostalgia movement but was then scrapped in 2004, replaced with a more cost-effective design [1]
  5. We are on the 6th concept of VW camper vans and the T6 launched in 2015 [1]

Have you got any fun facts from your adventures or memories in a vw campervan?

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