Digital detox with your Camper van

A New Year Digital Detox with your Camper Van

As the new year approaches many will make new year resolutions to do with health. This usually includes some sort of detox after the indulgent month of December. One of the modern popular detoxes is getting away from technology. A digital detox means putting away phones, not answering emails and possibly discovering a new interest or hobby. This isn’t always easy, but a campervan can make it simpler.

Digital detox with your Camper van

Camper Van Conversions Make your Digital Detox Simple

Technology is such a part of our daily lives it can be difficult to ignore. We use our phones and TVs for news and weather reports, smart speakers for music and traffic updates and satnavs for directions. Taking yourself out of your home and into a campervan can limit how much technology you have access to. Old fashioned maps and road signs will eliminate the need to use your phone for directions, plus sometimes getting lost is part of the fun.

With a campervan conversion everything is designed with space and storage in mind, which means there are no arguments about bringing unnecessary games console when there is nowhere to charge it. Instead cards can be used for endless rounds of play. A motor home can make having a successful detox more likely because temptation isn’t in your view, instead you can enjoy the beautiful views.

Campervanning Takes You Where Signal Doesn’t Reach

One of the best things about a campervan conversion is being able to travel far and wide with the knowledge you have somewhere safe and warm to sleep. This advantage means you can go to more remote areas where mobile phones can’t find a signal so even if you are tempted to use it you will struggle to.

The beautiful remote areas you travel to will be a welcome distraction from the digital world. The natural world is something to enjoy and when mobiles consume most of our time, we are unable to appreciate it. Your motorhome will allow you to take in the wonder of the outdoors and enjoy the moment in the sun. You may even find that by the end of your campervan holiday you are less excited when your phone messages return.

Discover New Hobbies on a Campervan Holiday

A digital detox in your campervan conversion is a great time to discover or rediscover new passions. Being in the outdoors can be incredibly inspiring and with your free time not being spent getting distracted by cute cat videos you have the chance to bask in your creativity. Whether its painting, photography, writing or something completely different, your time can be spent doing whatever you fancy, the risk of distractions via TV or computers is eliminated in your motorhome.

Sleeping Easy in Your Motorhome

Phones and other digital objects give off a blue light which has been shown to mess with our natural sleep cycle. Often scrolling on your phone in bed is considered the worst thing you can do if you want a restful slumber. But during the digital detox you can get back into a healthy sleep routine. With your campervan you can sleep under the stars and wake to a beautiful sunrise. These are natural indicators to the body about when it should be sleeping. Your digital detox can help you catch up on some much-needed sleep and encourage you to enjoy your campervan fully.

Benefits of a Danbury Campervan New Year Digital Detox

Danbury Campervans make van conversions so that our customers can make memories and take advantage of the outdoors. With a Danbury Campervan you can take your new year resolution to detox digitally up a level. Leave the trappings of modern life to venture out on a campervanning adventure to wherever you feel like. Whether it be an isolated area where you won’t get a signal or a well known campground full of outdoors activities that will remove the temptation of digital games.

Danbury Campervans have a range of products that will suit your needs. Our campervan conversions include:

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