The best VW camper conversions

Choosing to Develop the Best VW Camper Conversions

As one of the original VW campervan converters, Danbury have a remarkable history of bringing the best VW camper conversions to market. With such significant industry knowledge and expertise, Danbury build the best VW camper conversions by developing innovative concepts that answer their customers’ needs.

The Best VW Camper Conversions are Already Fully-loaded

The development team at Danbury have recognised that there can sometimes be significant customer confusion when deciding on the level of spec and available options for an individual VW T6 campervan. Especially a first-time campervan customer, who will naturally be seeking the best VW camper conversion for their budget, can easily be confused by what options they might need to create their ideal VW T6 campervan.

Exceptional Campervan Features at Competitive Prices

Throughout their long, distinguished history, as one of the UK’s leading VW campervan converters, Danbury have also understood, that to create the best VW camper conversions, they need to help their customers by creating VW T6 campervan that is as personal and individual as they are, whilst providing an exceptional level of features at a very competitive price.

Danbury have now answered this very real customer dilemma by giving their customers 'The Choice' and creating what they consider to be one of their most individual and best VW camper conversions. The new VW T6 campervan 'Choice' range was launched at this October’s Caravan & Motorhome Show at the Birmingham NEC and has received a huge amount of attention from customers and the media alike.

An Outstanding Specification Included as Standard

This new concept takes all the guesswork out of selecting a premium specification, as any Danbury ‘Choice’ VW T6 campervan includes the following outstanding features as standard:

Improving on innovation Choosing to develop the best VW camper conversions at the NEC in Birmingham
  • 102PS diesel engine
  • Height adjustable drive passenger seats
  • Swivel seat base (dependent on model)
  • Choice of colours
  • Arm rest
  • Cruise control
  • Cab A/C
  • Leather steering wheel/knob & remote controls
  • Comfort pack
  • 5” colour screen radio DAB
  • Reversing camera with F/R parking sensors
  • Bluetooth hands-free
  • 12v socket & cup holder
  • Cab carpet
  • Bluetooth rear speakers
  • Colour coded bumpers
  • Front & rear spoiler
  • Lowered suspension
  • 18” alloy wheels
  • Side bars
  • Sports graphics
  • Privacy glass
  • Alarm
  • Tracker
  • Solar panel
  • Awning

The Best VW Camper Conversions Don’t Stop There

Secondly, if that wasn’t enough, Danbury are also giving customers an array of customisation options. The new Danbury VW T6 ‘Choice’ model range will easily provide customer’s with their best VW camper conversion by also giving them:

  • a ‘Choice’ of 3 alloy wheel options
  • a ‘Choice’ of 3 floorings
  • a ‘Choice’ of 3 wood finishes
  • a ‘Choice’ of 3 leather upholsteries
  • a ‘Choice’ of 3 roof colours
  • a ‘Choice’ of 3 roof canvas colours

"This new concept by Danbury has been needed for some time", states Mark Stevens, Managing Director at Danbury Campervans, "ultimately, by customers seeking what they consider to be their best VW camper conversion. It just takes so much confusion out of the buying process", he remarks.

Superior Quality Features Throughout

"This concept easily ranks amongst our best VW camper conversions“, confirms Alex Cann, Sales Manager at Danbury. As a mark of the quality within this VW T6 campervan, the choice of three alloy wheels is from the design-leading Eurosport manufacturer. They are specifically weight-loaded for commercial vehicles such as the VW T6 campervan.

"A range of the latest, advanced, high-quality, hardwearing Jaxon floorings is also available", remaks Alex. "Each is construced from easy-tomaintain vinyl that look and feel great with enhanced slip resistance in wet conditions. Customers can also choose which hi-gloss laminate wood finishes will compliment their campervan the best, plus a choice of three quality upholstery finishes to provide that exclusive refinement. We then ensure the VW T6 campervan looks as individual on the outside as it does inside, with a choice of three canvas colours to ensure the best-looking combination".

So, for customers seeking a very high-spec, individual VW T6 campervan, from one of the best VW camper conversions on the market today, Danbury really give you 'The Choice'.

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