Danbury Raven Campervan

Introducing the new Danbury Raven Campervan

Danbury Campervans is proud to introduce our new campervan ‘Raven’. The van itself is a Ford Transit giving the campervan a roomier and more comfortable feel. Danbury have refitted the interior to suit your camper-vanning needs. This Ford campervan is the perfect way to take the whole family on a holiday. From simple errands to unforgettable holidays; with this model you get a smooth drive and spacious living.

Danbury Raven Specifications

This is a new model by Danbury Campervans that features a unique sliding rear seat system designed to reveal extra storage space. The day and night layout of the campervan emphasises the versatility of this raven campervan. It allows for family shopping trips with two seating areas in the back which can be turned into a double bed sleeping area when on holiday. The unique black roof canvas allows owners to have a comfortable space to relax in when on holiday. The roof bed also allows more people to sleep in the campervan, making it perfect for families.

The front seat can also swivel to face the back of the campervan to create more seating possibilities when stationary. To ensure the comfort of passengers the Danbury raven also has air conditioning, privacy glass, a heater and leather seats. Combined with the sport alloy wheels the campervan combines the best of driving and campervanning in one vehicle. The sleek detailing on the ford transit campervan comes in 3 different colours:

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Blue

Danbury Raven Adventures

A Danbury Raven allows you to go on a range of family adventures from everyday errands to long road trips. You can use your Danbury campervan to complete a large shopping trip; the spacious van means you can fit numerous bags or other purchases in the van, as well as numerous passengers. Using your campervan for these errands means you get the most out of your new campervan.

The camping utilities of this vehicle means that you can take a family holiday while driving in comfort. From trips to camping grounds with additional facilities, to more remote camping areas, your Raven campervan will ensure you always have somewhere comfortable to spend for the night and facilities for a needed cup of tea. You could even take the van abroad and explore different cultures while having some home comforts with you.

Other Danbury Campervan Models

If you think that the Danbury Raven campervan may not be quite right for you but don’t want to give up on your dream of owning a campervan, then no need to despair as Danbury Campervans has 2 other Ford campervan models that may suit your needs better:

Or you may wish for a different make of campervan such as a VW or a Fiat. These can all be found at Danbury Campervans; explore our complete range today. Alternatively, to talk with a friendly customer advisor call us today on 01454 310 000.

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