Stargazing with your campervan

Stargazing in your Campervan

Whizzing away for a weekend or two is one of the perks of having your campervan. It allows you to set out on an impromptu journey without much preplanning. You can set off in whatever direction and see where the road takes you.

An Out of This World Campervanning Activity

If you are looking for activity ideas, stargazing is ideal when campervanning. Cities and town are often saturated with artificial light when night descends. This light pollution makes it difficult to truly appreciate the natural wonder of the star-filled sky. When you own a campervan, you can easily leave the hustle and bustle of your town or city and find a non-polluted area to watch the stars.

In your Danbury campervan, you don't need to worry about getting back to accommodation and refilling your thermos. Your cosy bed and tea making facilities will be right next to you. You can stay and find as many constellations for as long as you like. If you have children with you it is easy to put them to bed in your campervan when they get sleepy, then the adults can continue to enjoy the twinkling midnight sky.

The Best Stargazing Locations in the UK

The modern skies are full of helicopters, planes and drones, making it difficult to make out the different stars and planets. But in a campervan, you can travel across Britain to find the perfect vantage points. There you can enjoy the sky as it was centuries ago. Stars have long been inspired mankind, as well as been used to navigate sea and land. Use your campervanning time to find the same inspiration and learn how to find the big dipper.

The International Dark Sky Association has several locations that they work to protect. This includes the Exmore National Park in Somerset and Devon. The wonders of space are easier to see due to the amount of light being closely monitored and controlled. If you want to see the Milky Way, the galaxy Earth is part of, then take your motorhome to the North York Moors National Park. Here you can gaze at our home galaxy without the aid of a telescope.

Galloway Forest Park in Scotland also offers around 7,000 planets and stars that can be seen with the naked eye; a true feast for the eyes. If you want to witness something even more extraordinary then a trip to Shetland, an island off the coast of Scotland, should be on your schedule. Here you’ll have the chance to capture the Aurora Borealis. Shetland is the closest point in the UK to the North Pole. It isn't guaranteed that you will witness the famous lights, but if you do, it will be a campervanning memory that no one will forget.

Danbury Custom Campervans

Danbury Campervans custom fit a range of vans that are perfect to take on a star-gazing adventure. From Fords to VWs our range includes comfortable family campervans to sporty spacious campervans. Including:

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