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Factory closure update 12-05-2020

Further to our previous statement, we have had clarification on re-opening.

We are a manufacturer of non-essential retail items and the earliest indication we have of a re-opening date will be Monday the 1st of June 2020 , subject to HM Government's plan to end Covid. This is subject to all the conditions of the current infection rates falling inline with predictions/expectations.

Our suppliers are in the same line of industry ie. non essential , so even if we were to open now, we would not be able to get the production up and running smoothly as we would like.

We realise that there will be major changes to how we will be working in the factory and showroom business such as social distancing, we will be marking out safe distances in the factory and showroom. We are also procuring PPE for staff and supplies of sanitisers, etc.

Unfortunately in the short term , we will not be able to offer refreshments such as tea or coffee and would ask you to bring your own. We will be working on videos to go on our website and you tube channel showing almost a "virtual" handover, of how the components of the van will work, with handy tips to make sure you are aware of the operating of the van. Items will include, but are by no means the full list:

Bed operation - Ford (electric model) , VW Trail & surf models and Active & Royale.

Gas bottle installation - regulator connection, in line isolators, lighting of hob/grill.

Raising roof - opening and closing , including roof bed utilisation if fitted.

Electrics - charging on hook up, trip switches.

Water - filling and emptying ( VW & Ford models).

Fridge operation - door vent operation, temperature setting, battery life.

Table operation & storage ( Various models)

Controls of van - trip computer settings, sat nav if fitted.

This list is not exhaustive and if you have any particular requirements, please email and we will gladly look at your suggestions.

In the meantime, please stay safe and we will update you further when we have more information.

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