The Iconic Danbury Volkswagen T2 Range Hero 2019

VW T2 fans drive along in style like it’s 1962

Not everyone gets nostalgic over the 60’s but what an iconic time to reminisce in a Danbury Volkswagen T2 if you do.

Our cheeky Volkswagen T2 line up.

The Iconic Danbury Volkswagen T2 Range on the Danbury forecourt for August 2019

Danbury’s heritage is over fifty years old, nearly stretching as far back as the introduction of the famous VW T2 in 1967. That early passion for hand crafted camper van conversions was definitely born of that era and continues at Danbury to this day.

While the Volkswagen T2 might not be as jaw-dropping as a Danbury Volkswagen T6 campervan conversion, such as the amazing Danbury Heritage 64, you cannot ignore the character of our cheeky line-up of T2s. Have you got a favourite colour? Here at Danbury we love them all.

If that classic motorcaravanning experience doesn’t suit you, simply trucking along at a leisurely pace, then perhaps you could consider cruising along in the style and luxury of a brand new Danbury Avenir.

You can reach us by calling 01454 310000 for further details on the Volkswagen T2s or new Danbury Avenirs that are still available.

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