Stock and availability

At Danbury, our chassis can be converted to either of our Danbury Trail Camper or Surf campervan conversions. We stock three grades of specification, Bronze, Silver and Gold so we can offer you the best camper solution for your requirments and budget. You can find details and availability of our three camper conversion specs below.


VW 2.0 110 Manual, SWB chassis with factory fitted glass, air conditioning, app connect, swivel seats and more!


VW 2.0 150 Manual (auto available) VW SWB ‘Highline’ chassis, colour coded bumpers, alloy wheels, leather steering wheel, AC, swivel seats and more!


VW 2.0 150 DSG SWB ‘Highline’ chassis, as per silver but with LED headlights, heated seats and more.


If you would like to order a bespoke base vehicle please contact us for more information.

Date available
3759 Bronze Ascot Grey Manual (110) March 2021
Bronze Red Manual (110) SOLD
3775 Silver Mojave Beige Manual (150) SOLD
3817 Silver Starlight Blue DSG (150) March 2021
Silver Starlight Blue DSG (150) SOLD
3822 Silver Reflex Silver DSG (150) March 2021
3790 Gold Ravenna Blue DSG (150) March 2021
Gold Ravenna Blue DSG (150) SOLD
Gold Mojave DSG (150) DEMO
3794 Gold Indium Grey DSG (150) March 2021
3797 Gold Candy White* DSG (150) SOLD
3801 Gold Candy White* DSG (150) March 2021
4502 Silver Candy White* Manual (150) May 2021
4478 Silver Indium Grey Manual (150) May 2021
4397 Silver Candy White* DSG (150) May 2021
4398 Silver Candy White* DSG (150) May 2021
4399 Silver Candy White* DSG (150) May 2021
4423 Silver Ravenna Blue DSG (150) May 2021
4450 Silver Mojave Beige DSG (150) May 2021
4412 Silver Starlight Blue DSG (150) May 2021

* Heritage two tone/bottom half paint option available at additional cost